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Frequently Asked Questions - Racer Support
What is Lifetime Support?

Lifetime Support is a program DeCal Works offers to actively racing customers. We know how expensive this sport can be and try to give back as much as possible by offering support pricing. The level of support a rider may receive depends on race results, order history and the number of years as a DeCal Works customer. If you qualify there is no need to apply again as this is a Lifetime Support contract. Notice we did not say “discount house” because our riders are held to a high standard and DeCal Works is a true Racer Support program. By joining DeCal Works support team you are making a statement to your sponsors and competition that quality and professional representation is your main objective. As a DeCal Works Support Rider you will be required to use DeCal Works Pre-Printed Number Plate Backgrounds exclusively. We ask that you respect the DeCal Works staff at all times and any non-compliance will result in termination of your sponsorship. Any questions or concerns you might have please either email or call your sales representative for further assistance.

How do I apply for Lifetime Support on the website?

To apply call a sales rep at 815-784-4000

When can I apply for Lifetime Support?

You can apply anytime of the year. To apply for our 25% OFF Lifetime Racer Support program please call a sales rep at 815-784-4000. There is a one-time $59.95 administrative fee.   Your 25% OFF discount is good for life.

Once accepted, how can I apply for a higher support level?

To see if you qualify for a higher support level between September 1st – November 30th email a resume to or send it by US Mail. We will not accept applications for higher support from December 1st – August 31st.

I have qualified for Lifetime Support but I can’t find my pricing.

Every item on the website will show your support pricing once you are logged in.