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Free Shipping Over $299

Frequently Asked Questions - General

How long will it take to get my order?

You selected a "GET IT BY" date.  The date you selected at check out is the date you will have your order.

Orders shipping by UPS

Ship From: 2021 Johnson Ct. Kingston, IL 60145
Ship To: Country, City, Postal Code.

Orders shipping by the Postal Service

Ship From: 2021 Johnson Ct. Kingston, IL 60145
Ship To: Country, City, Postal Code.

DeCal Works Rewards General Rules

  1. Rewards membership and its benefits are offered at the discretion of DeCal Works and DeCal Works has the right to terminate the Program or to change the Program Rules, regulations, benefits, conditions of participation, in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice, even though changes may affect the value of the reward points or certificates already accumulated. DeCal Works may, among other things, withdraw, limit, modify or cancel any award.
  2. Participation in the DeCal Works Program (the "Program") is subject to any terms and conditions, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures ("Program Rules") that DeCal Works may, at its discretion, adopt from time to time. DeCal Works has the sole right to interpret and apply the Program Rules. Any failure to follow Program Rules, any abuse of Program privileges, any conduct detrimental to the interests of DeCal Works by any member, or anyone else acting on the member's behalf, may result in the termination of his or her membership, the cancellation of accrued Rewards Points, certificates, awards or benefits, or both.
  3. The DeCal Works Rewards Program is maintained for the benefit and participation of individual members only. Only individuals are eligible for membership, and each member may maintain only one account. Duplicate accounts will be subject to cancellation. Only the member named on the account will be entitled access to personal account information.
  4. Accrued points and certificates do not constitute property of the member. Neither accrued point nor certificates are transferable.
  5. Accounts with a support, dealer or distributor status are ineligible.

Rewards Points Accrual.

  1. To become a DeCal Works REWARDS MEMBER, simply make a qualifying purchase on custom decals, seat covers, or plastics under your DeCal Works account.
  2. Rewards points are 1% of your qualified product costs.
  3. DeCal Works Online Rewards Points accrue with each purchase made. No points will be awarded for labor, proofs, shipping costs, or tax.
  4.  Rewards points are not available until after 30 days of the original purchase.
  5. From time to time DeCal Works may offer items that carry bonus points when purchased.
  6. Reward Points expire in 1 year.

Rewards Points Redemption.

  1. The Reward Points or certificates available to be redeemed will be set by DeCal Works and published to the members. DeCal Works shall establish the process for award redemption, but redemption shall basically mean the exchange of points in a member's account for a specified award.
  2. Reward points may be applied to the price of the item being purchased or to the shipping of an order. Points can not be applied to any applicable sales tax.
  3. From time to time DeCal Works may offer product specials available to Rewards Points members at discounted prices.

How do I find the status of my order?

Log into your account at decalmx.com. Under My Orders click "View Order History" and then click "View Order" next to the order you're checking. You may also Contact Us .

Is my credit card information secure when placing an order?

Yes, your card information is transmitted using strong encryption. We are certified by PayPal and Trustwave. The Trustwave Commerce seal (bottom of every decalmx.com page) denotes credibility. A Website that displays the Trusted Commerce seal handles sensitive information in a secure, responsible manner. The Trusted Commerce Website seal assures our customers that payment card information and other sensitive data provided to our Website will not fall into the hands of malicious individuals seeking to profit from stolen consumer data. To read more about our Privacy Policy please click here Privacy Policy.

My logos are not appearing on the live examples?

There are too many logos for us to possibly show on the live examples and we cannot guarantee exact placement when our team designs your DeCals.  We highly recommend ordering a proof when you place your order.  DeCals are Non-Refundable.

I have selected to have my DeCals proofed, now what?

Once the order is submitted, our art team will email proof instructions when the design is ready. The proof will be viewed by logging in to your account on decalmx.com, and then click "View Proofs". If the proof is declined and changes are needed there will be an additional fee for the changes and the new proof.   (There is also a 50% cancellation fee on all decal orders once the art work has been started.) 

Where can I find examples of graphic designs other customers have created?

You can see examples in our Bike Gallery.

Where will my name be placed on the side plates?

This depends on the graphic design and bike model. If you have a specific area you want your name placed please Contact Us when submitting an order.

What logos can I put on my bike?

We offer every industry standard logo such as FMF, Alpinestars, Gaerne and any of our text styles at no charge. If you have a custom logo, please email it to sales@decalmx.com before submitting at no charge. We will review the logo and provide you with an artwork setup quote. Vector files formats are preferred over .jpeg or similar file formats and will result in a lower quote.

Can I return DeCals I have ordered?

Sorry but we do not accept returns on Number Plate Backgrounds or Semi Custom Kits. Once the DeCal is printed it has become yours. It's very rare that another customer will need or want the exact number, name, design, color scheme and logos. On a case by case basis we will consider returns on Ready Made Kits.

How do I return items other than DeCals?

There is a minimum 50% restocking fee on any plastics returned. The customer pays the shipping cost both ways.  Returned plastic must be in the original packaging. Unopened.  

Please contact our sales team to discuss the issue(s). Terms and Conditions. CLICK HERE to download Return Form .

Can I use a standard Iron to apply the Jersey Print myself?

A standard Iron will ruin your new Jersey Print. We recommend sending us your jersey so we can professionally apply it. If you have a local sports store willing to apply your jersey please click the link Jersey Print Instructions .

What should I do if my bike is not listed for DeCals I want?

Do not select a different make, model or year hoping the DeCals will fit. We will not refund or accept returns for items entered incorrectly on a web order. Please Contact Us to learn if we offer DeCals for your bike.

How do I setup my account for Military Discount?

Please Contact Us and we will setup your Military Discount. Thank you for your service!

Can I use Windex® to mount my DeCals?

We recommend using our Application Solution System which can be purchased by clicking the link Application System.

Below is an article stating why we do not recommend Windex®.

Windex®. Invented in 1933 by Harry R. Drackett, this wonderful product has been used for cleaning glass longer than most of us have been alive. As always with a good product, people will discover a few unintended uses that its creators never imagined, some of these uses are good, and some bad. Applying vinyl graphics with Windex® just happens to fall into the category of VERY BAD! First let's look at what Windex® really is. Windex® is a glass cleaner, period. Its purpose is blazingly simple, clean a glass surface without leaving streaks for optimal clarity, and nothing more. In recent years the brand Windex® has spawned more surface cleaning products, but we're going to concentrate on the well known Windex® glass cleaner. Wikipedia lists the ingredients of Windex® as Isopropyl Alcohol, Ethyl Glycol, and Ammonia (Ammonium hydroxide). The Ammonia (NH3) is used because of it's aggressive cleaning properties and because it isn't prone to streaking. Traditionally Ammonia has been used in various processes from cleaning solvents, soil fertilization to industrial refrigerants. Ammonia is a very important chemical in the modern world, but let's just say the same properties that make it an effective solvent don't lend well to applying vinyl. Some of the downsides of Ammonia is that it is both caustic and hazardous, (though we're not implying that Windex is a hazardous product) and reacts poorly with other chemicals, especially chlorine. Ammonia just isn't compatible with Poly Vinyl Chloride, (vinyl film) or the adhesive systems that are used in today's films. In fact, in the vinyl film industry, a combination of Ammonia Hydroxide and heat is used to break down installed vinyl films to be easily removed. When you use a window cleaner like Windex® to prepare and apply vinyl films, you're taking the chance of shortening the life of your film and contributing to a failure. One other interesting thing Windex® is responsible for is creating an industry of "blue" glass cleaners to compete with. This complicates things even more as many of these competitors of Windex® manufacture products that may contain petroleum distillates, carnauba wax, silicone, and various forms of alcohol and glycol ethers. This may be a great thing for achieving that streak free shine on your new glass patio doors, but once again not so good when it comes to being in control of quality vinyl film application.