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Frequently Asked Questions - Silver Shimmer

What is Silver Shimmer?

Silver Shimmer finish is a laminate that has metallic silver specs throughout the material.

Is Silver Shimmer overpowering?

No, Silver Shimmer is subtle. At some angles, it isn’t easy to see that you are even running Silver Shimmer. In other angles and the correct light, you will see the metallic look stand out.

Can I get Silver Shimmer on one logo or one area of the graphics kit?

No, Silver Shimmer is a topcoat laminate that will cover your entire graphics kit.

What is the upgrade charge for Silver Shimmer?

Silver Shimmer upgrade cost: Complete kits $19.95, Full Kits $12.95, Rad shroud decals $9.95, Number Plate decals $9.95, and Single Part decals $5.95

How many topcoats are available from DeCal Works?

Four, including Silver Shimmer. DeCal Works also offers our standard Glossy finish, perfect for that clean shine. Our Matte finish is ideal for that murdered-out look. We also have a Gripper finish for the customer who wants that added texture.