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Frequently Asked Questions - DeCal Works ReFresh

What is the ReFresh Program?

The ReFresh Program allows you to order an EXACT reprint of most numberplate background DeCals with a 40% discount off the original order cost. DeCal Works has innovated a cost-effective program to keep your numberplate backgrounds looking fresh all year long. We are aware of the damage that today’s racing boots and knee braces cause to the decals even after just one ride. Our ReFresh Program intends to keep your number plate DeCals looking new while racing on a budget.
ReFresh on EZ Series number plate decals are available with a 30% discount off the original order cost.

How it Works:

Once the original order for numberplate background DeCals has been submitted, the ReFresh Promo Code becomes available immediately and will last for 3 months. Customers may use the ReFresh Promo Code as often as needed within the 3 months. Each time a new order is placed, a new ReFresh Promo Code gets generated and the expiration date extends to 3 months from the time of purchase.


I want everything the same except my race number.

  1. Exact reprints only. No exceptions.
  2. Any changes to your order would disqualify your number plate decals from the ReFresh price.
  3. ReFresh orders go directly to the print station. There are no designers involved with ReFresh orders.

I want everything the same except my background color.

  1. Exact reprints only. No exceptions.
  2. Any changes disqualify you from the ReFresh discounts.
  3. Changes to colors, numbers, names, logos and bike models disqualify the promo code.

What if the promo code expires?

  1. Customer pays their normal price again and will qualify again on their next order.
  2. File is deleted after 3 months and if code expires the background file is no longer available

I didn’t know the ReFresh program existed will there be an exception?

  1. If the new order is placed after the expiration date or is not an exact reprint the customer will be charged their normal account price.

What if I’m ordering a full kit & backgrounds, Can I still qualify?

  1. Only the Backgrounds would qualify for the ReFresh program. We currently do not offer a ReFresh program for full graphics kits.

Can I submit a ReFresh order online?

  1. Yes, you will need to use the link emailed to you by DeCal Works. For more information, please contact a sales representative by phone or text at 815-784-4000 or email us at

What if I submit an order online first, Will I still be credited for ReFresh pricing?

  1. There are no credits issued if the order is placed online.

Do any other DeCals have a ReFresh option?

  1. Currently, only Numberplate backgrounds have the ReFresh option.

Are Ultra Mini plates and Mini plates included in the ReFresh price?

  1. Yes. Background orders that originally included Ultra Mini plates and Mini Plates will print again.

I Lost or Can’t Remember the Expiration Date on my Card?

  1. You will have to contact a sales representative and they can retrieve your expiration date.

How long does the ReFresh promo last?

  1. The ReFresh Promo will last 90 days from the original date of purchase.

Is there free shipping?

  1. We offer Free Shipping to the lower 48 states on orders over $299.00. Free Shipping does not apply to Closeout Items.

What if it’s the same design and number but for a different bike?

  1. Must be an exact reprint as a previous order.
  2. Different models disqualify the exact reprint rule.

What if I’m a support rider? Do I get a discount on the ReFresh kit?

  1. Support Riders will receive a 30% to 40% discount off your original order cost. The 30% discount applies to EZ Series backgrounds.