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Application System Replacement Fluid
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Product Description

CLICK HERE To view our application kit video: 

  • Step 1 includes Adhesive Remover.
  • Step 2 includes Cleaner Prep Fluid.
  • Step 3 includes Application Fluid.
  • Each bottle contains 4oz of fluid.
Questions and Answers
Can you install the Decals on the plastic for me? I would rather pay the professional to do the job.

We do offer a mounting service when you purchase both decals and plastics from DeCal Works. 

Mounting the side plate decals and front plate decal would run $19.95.

Mounting a full bike kit runs $79.95 (This price also includes installing the number plate decals)

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By DeCal Works on May 23rd, 2020
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Part Numbers / Cross Reference

Inventory Details for Application System Replacement Fluid:

Variant DeCal Works Part Number Item Manufacturer Manufacturer Part Number Global Trade Item Number
DeCal Step 1 Fluid Only 3oz 1124-2205 DeCal Works 1124-2205
DeCal Step 2 Fluid Only 3oz 1124-3679 DeCal Works 1124-3679
DeCal Step 3 Fluid Only 3oz 1124-1140 DeCal Works 1124-1140