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Gripper DeCals for Graphic Guards
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Product Description

The Gripper DeCal helps give you Extra Grip and Control of your Bike.

  • Made of DeCal Works Original Clear Gripper Material.
  • Helps Give you Extra Grip and Control of your Bike.
  • Easy to install, Mounts directly to Graphic Guard.
  • Perfect fit to OEM shape Graphic Guards.
  • Inludes 2 Complete Sets of Gripper DeCals.
Questions and Answers
Where exactly does the product fit my bike. In other words where do they stick on my bike exactly. It would be nice to see a picture of them on a bike.

These pre-cut gripper decals apply to our Graphic Guards.  The gripper decals you are referencing do not adhere directly to the side plates.

Graphic Guards Video Link

If you have any further questions, please feel free to send us a text, call us or send us an email.

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By DeCal Works on October 18th, 2020
When can I get it for a 2018 FC 250

For the 2018 Husqvarna FC250, we offer Gripper Material sheets that you can trim to fit. Gripper Overlaminate - 2 Sheets - 13 x 18  $39.00 Follow this link:  GRIPPER MATERIAL

If you have any further questions, please feel free to send us a text, call us or send us an email.

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By DeCal Works on February 18th, 2023
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Bikes This Product Fits


Year Make Model
2023 KTM EXC150
2023 KTM EXC250
2020 KTM EXC250F
2023 KTM EXC250F
2023 KTM EXC300
2020 KTM EXC350F
2021 KTM EXC350F
2022 KTM EXC350F
2023 KTM EXC350F
2020 KTM EXC450F
2023 KTM EXC450F
2020 KTM EXC500F
2021 KTM EXC500F
2022 KTM EXC500F
2023 KTM EXC500F
2021 KTM SMR450
2022 KTM SMR450
2019 KTM SX125
2020 KTM SX125
2021 KTM SX125
2022 KTM SX125
2019 KTM SX150
2020 KTM SX150
2021 KTM SX150
2022 KTM SX150
2019 KTM SX250
2020 KTM SX250
2021 KTM SX250
2022 KTM SX250
2019 KTM SXF250
2020 KTM SXF250
2021 KTM SXF250
2022 KTM SXF250
2019 KTM SXF350
2020 KTM SXF350
2021 KTM SXF350
2022 KTM SXF350
2019 KTM SXF450
2020 KTM SXF450
2021 KTM SXF450
2022 KTM SXF450
2018 KTM SXF450 Factory Edition
2019 KTM SXF450 Factory Edition
2020 KTM SXF450 Factory Edition
2021 KTM SXF450 Factory Edition
2021 KTM XC125
2022 KTM XC125
2019 KTM XC250
2020 KTM XC250 TPI
2021 KTM XC250 TPI
2022 KTM XC250 TPI
2019 KTM XC300
2020 KTM XC300 TPI
2021 KTM XC300 TPI
2022 KTM XC300 TPI
2019 KTM XCF250
2020 KTM XCF250
2021 KTM XCF250
2022 KTM XCF250
2019 KTM XCF350
2020 KTM XCF350
2021 KTM XCF350
2022 KTM XCF350
2020 KTM XCF350W
2021 KTM XCF350W
2022 KTM XCF350W
2019 KTM XCF450
2020 KTM XCF450
2021 KTM XCF450
2022 KTM XCF450
2023 KTM XCF450W
2020 KTM XCF500W
2021 KTM XCF500W
2022 KTM XCF500W
2023 KTM XCW150
2020 KTM XCW150 TPI
2021 KTM XCW150 TPI
2022 KTM XCW150 TPI
2023 KTM XCW250
2020 KTM XCW250 TPI
2021 KTM XCW250 TPI
2022 KTM XCW250 TPI
2023 KTM XCW300
2020 KTM XCW300 TPI
2021 KTM XCW300 TPI
2022 KTM XCW300 TPI
Part Numbers / Cross Reference

Inventory Details for Gripper DeCals for Graphic Guards:

Variant DeCal Works Part Number Item Manufacturer Manufacturer Part Number Global Trade Item Number
Clear Gripper 1726-3509 DeCal Works 1726-3509

This product is also available in the following DeCal Works Configurable Kits:

Kit Kit Part Number Kit Stock Status Kit Pricing Starts At
Graphic Guards with Gripper DeCals Kit 1732


$ 36.16