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Holiday Sale!   Save 20% on Number Plate Backgrounds, Graphics Kits and Seat Covers.  Use Promo Code CH2023

Yamaha Tan High Performance Seat Foam

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Product Description

  • Excellent wear resistance, even when riders use latest generation protective knee guards.
  • Standard height seat foam
  • Always In Stock, Fast Shipping!
  • DeCal Works seat cover and seat pan sold separately.

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Bikes This Product Fits


Year Make Model
2002 Yamaha YZ125
2003 Yamaha YZ125
2004 Yamaha YZ125
2005 Yamaha YZ125
2006 Yamaha YZ125
2007 Yamaha YZ125
2008 Yamaha YZ125
2009 Yamaha YZ125
2010 Yamaha YZ125
2011 Yamaha YZ125
2012 Yamaha YZ125
2013 Yamaha YZ125
2014 Yamaha YZ125
2015 Yamaha YZ125
2016 Yamaha YZ125
2017 Yamaha YZ125
2018 Yamaha YZ125
2019 Yamaha YZ125
2020 Yamaha YZ125
2021 Yamaha YZ125
2020 Yamaha YZ125X
2021 Yamaha YZ125X
2022 Yamaha YZ125X
2002 Yamaha YZ250
2003 Yamaha YZ250
2004 Yamaha YZ250
2005 Yamaha YZ250
2006 Yamaha YZ250
2007 Yamaha YZ250
2008 Yamaha YZ250
2009 Yamaha YZ250
2010 Yamaha YZ250
2011 Yamaha YZ250
2012 Yamaha YZ250
2013 Yamaha YZ250
2014 Yamaha YZ250
2015 Yamaha YZ250
2016 Yamaha YZ250
2017 Yamaha YZ250
2018 Yamaha YZ250
2019 Yamaha YZ250
2020 Yamaha YZ250
2021 Yamaha YZ250
2021 Yamaha YZ250X
2022 Yamaha YZ250X

Part Numbers / Cross Reference

Inventory Details for High Performance Seat Foam:

Variant DeCal Works Part Number Item Manufacturer Manufacturer Part Number Global Trade Item Number
Standard Height Foam 1747-3571 Polisport 8154500004 5604415090783