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DeCal Works - Matrix R2 Factory Black Mat
DeCal Works - Matrix R2 Factory Black Mat
Bike Mats
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Product Description
  • Made from oil and gas resistant PVC rubber.
  • Keep parts clean and out of the dirt, or if you drop a part it lands on a soft surface.
  • Full 3FT X 7FT race size.
  • Used by top factory and satellite teams.
  • Use it in the garage/shop in the back of your truck or at the track.
  • We recommend you do not use or spray Contact Cleaner directly on this mat and the graphics.
  • Comes complete with netted bag and rolls up for easy transport.
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Part Numbers / Cross Reference

Inventory Details for Bike Mats:

Variant DeCal Works Part Number Item Manufacturer Manufacturer Part Number Global Trade Item Number
DeCal Works - Matrix R2 Factory Black Mat 215-1874 DeCal Works 215-1874