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KTM Rear Fender

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Product Description

  • Produced with Durable Gloss Polypropylene (DGP).
  • Injection molded quality for a perfect OEM type fit.
  • Replica of stock OEM shape and fit, but stronger.
  • Official Plastic of DeCal Works.
  • Always In Stock, Fast Shipping!

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Bikes This Product Fits


Year Make Model
2003 KTM EXC125
1999 KTM EXC200
2000 KTM EXC200
2001 KTM EXC200
2002 KTM EXC200
2003 KTM EXC200
1999 KTM EXC250
2000 KTM EXC250
2001 KTM EXC250
2002 KTM EXC250
2003 KTM EXC250
1999 KTM EXC300
2000 KTM EXC300
2001 KTM EXC300
2002 KTM EXC300
2003 KTM EXC300
1999 KTM EXC380
2000 KTM EXC380
2001 KTM EXC380
2002 KTM EXC380
2003 KTM EXC400
1999 KTM MXC200
2000 KTM MXC200
2001 KTM MXC200
2002 KTM MXC200
2003 KTM MXC200
1999 KTM MXC250
2000 KTM MXC250
2001 KTM MXC250
2002 KTM MXC250
1999 KTM MXC300
2000 KTM MXC300
2001 KTM MXC300
2002 KTM MXC300
2003 KTM MXC300
1999 KTM MXC380
2000 KTM MXC380
2001 KTM MXC380
2002 KTM MXC380
1999 KTM MXC400
2000 KTM MXC400
2001 KTM MXC400
2002 KTM MXC400
2001 KTM MXC520
2002 KTM MXC520
1998 KTM SX125
1999 KTM SX125
2000 KTM SX125
2001 KTM SX125
2002 KTM SX125
2003 KTM SX125
1998 KTM SX250
2000 KTM SX250
2001 KTM SX250
2002 KTM SX250
1999 KTM SX380
2000 KTM SX380
2001 KTM SX380
2002 KTM SX380
2003 KTM SX380
2004 KTM SX380
1999 KTM SX520
2000 KTM SX520
2001 KTM SX520
2002 KTM SX520
2003 KTM SX525

Part Numbers / Cross Reference

Inventory Details for Rear Fender:

Variant DeCal Works Part Number Item Manufacturer Manufacturer Part Number Global Trade Item Number
Orange 574-2303 Polisport 8560000003 5604415007873

This product is also available in the following DeCal Works Configurable Kits:

Kit Kit Part Number Kit Stock Status Kit Pricing Starts At
Complete Plastic Kit 1789


$ 135.00