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Primo Hat

Primo Hat  | DeCal Works
Primo Hat  | DeCal Works
Primo Hat

Primo Hat Details

Product Description

  • 63% polyester, 34% cotton and 3% Spandex
  • Genuine DeCal Wear America.
  • Flat brimmed Flexfit available in two sizes.
  • DeCal Works embroidered and screen printed logos.

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Part Numbers and Kit Cross-Reference

Inventory Details for Primo Hat:

Variant DeCal Works Part Number Item Manufacturer Manufacturer Part Number Global Trade Item Number
Black 62-2206 DeCal Works 62-2206
Black 62-2207 DeCal Works 62-2207
Black w/ Pink Logo LG/XL 62-4058 DeCal Works 62-4058
Black w/ Blue Logo LG/XL 62-4059 DeCal Works 62-4059
Black w/ Flo Yellow Logo LG/XL 62-4060 DeCal Works 62-4060
Black w/ Green Logo LG/XL 62-4061 DeCal Works 62-4061
Black w/ Orange Logo LG/XL 62-4062 DeCal Works 62-4062
Black w/ Silver Logo LG/XL 62-4063 DeCal Works 62-4063