Free Shipping Over $299
Free Shipping Over $299
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If interested, we can sign you up for our Lifetime Racer Support Program. It’s a one-time $69.95 fee. Whereas other companies charge an annual fee, we only charge the sign-up fee once. Most Support Riders experience savings with their first order. Our LIFETIME SUPPORT PLUS program will give you a 25% DISCOUNT on our popular Semi-Custom graphics kits. That’s a savings of $67.50. In addition, Semi-Custom Number Plate graphics kits are also 25% Off. Support Riders are also eligible for 10% Off Ready-Made Graphic Kits, EZ Series Plates, Contour Cut Numbers, Contour Plus Numbers, and 13% Off Seat Covers. You will also receive an additional 2% off of our Plastic Kits.

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