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Yellow Foldable Dirt Bike Stand

Polisport Foldable Bike Stand Yellow
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Polisport Folding Bike Stands
Polisport Foldable Bike Stand Yellow
Polisport Foldable Bike Stand Yellow
Polisport Folding Bike Stands
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Polisport Folding Bike Stands

Foldable Bike Stand Details

Product Description


  • Model: Foldable Bike Stand
  • Color: Yellow 
  • MPN: 8981500001
  • Bi-material: polypropylene and rubber
  • Manufacturer: Polisport

Founded in 1978 Polisport developed its business and brand based on its core business, plastics for motorcycles, which allowed it to become one of the most prestigious plastic brands in this area.


  • 1 Foldable bike stand

Key Features:

Since Polisport's foldable bike stand was launched, it has been featured and reviewed by industry publications all over the world, it has been used by many professional team and it is also the FIM Motocross World Championship Official Podium Bike Stand. A place it deserves for being a champion. The reasons for this success are quite clear. No other bike stand offers such a package of lightness, practicality and strength. Garages became roomier, vans and trailers grew to be larger and pits were made prettier.

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Part Numbers and Kit Cross-Reference

Inventory Details for Foldable Bike Stand:

Variant DeCal Works Part Number Item Manufacturer Manufacturer Part Number Global Trade Item Number
Yellow 1315-2934 Polisport 8981500001 5604415028700
Orange 1315-2935 Polisport 8981500002 5604415028717
Blue 1315-2936 Polisport 8981500003 5604415028724
Red 1315-2937 Polisport 8981500004 5604415028731
Green 1315-2938 Polisport 8981500005 5604415028748
White 1315-2939 Polisport 8981500006 5604415028755
Black 1315-2940 Polisport 8981500007 5604415028915
Flo Yellow 1315-3094 Polisport 8981500018 5604415097140