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07-24 CRF150 Black, White Gripper Seat Cover

DeCal Works Black Black White with Honda logo Gripper Ribbed Seat Covers replacement plastics for 07-24 Honda CRF150 dirt bikes
DeCal Works Black Black White with Honda logo Gripper Ribbed Seat Covers replacement plastics for 07-24 Honda CRF150 dirt bikes
07-24 CRF150 DeCal Works Black, White Gripper Ribbed Seat Covers

Gripper Ribbed Seat Covers Details

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Product Description

The DeCal Works Black, White seat cover is the perfect option to replace your OEM seat cover. This performance part will enhance comfort when riding and it has an extraordinary grip and wear resistance and is built to exceed original specifications.


  • Model: Gripper Ribbed Seat Covers
  • Color: Black Black White with Honda logo 
  • Material: Rubberized
  • MPN: CRF15007 BLK / BLK / WHT
  • Manufacturer: DeCal Works

Key Features:

  • Please note: The dyed rubberized seat cover material will not match any printed graphics or plastic colors.
  • Offers a three-piece design to give you maximum control and feel.
  • Seams are double-stitched for added durability and water resistance.
  • UV protection for long life.
  • Superior traction wet or dry;
  • Five sewn ribs to give the rider extra grip.
  • Made in the USA


  • Honda: CRF150R (2007-2024), CRF150R Expert (2007-2022, 2024)
  • See Bikes This Fits link above for a listing of all compatible models.

Upgrade your bike's appearance and performance with DeCal Works Black, White Gripper Ribbed Seat Covers. Ride confidently, knowing you've got a reliable and stylish Gripper Ribbed Seat Covers that can withstand the toughest off-road adventures!

Bikes This Product Fits


Year Make Model Features
2007 Honda CRF150R All
2008 Honda CRF150R All
2009 Honda CRF150R All
2010 Honda CRF150R All
2011 Honda CRF150R All
2012 Honda CRF150R All
2013 Honda CRF150R All
2014 Honda CRF150R All
2015 Honda CRF150R All
2016 Honda CRF150R All
2017 Honda CRF150R All
2018 Honda CRF150R All
2019 Honda CRF150R All
2020 Honda CRF150R All
2021 Honda CRF150R All
2022 Honda CRF150R All
2023 Honda CRF150R All
2024 Honda CRF150R All
2007 Honda CRF150R Expert All
2008 Honda CRF150R Expert All
2009 Honda CRF150R Expert All
2010 Honda CRF150R Expert All
2011 Honda CRF150R Expert All
2012 Honda CRF150R Expert All
2013 Honda CRF150R Expert All
2014 Honda CRF150R Expert All
2015 Honda CRF150R Expert All
2016 Honda CRF150R Expert All
2017 Honda CRF150R Expert All
2018 Honda CRF150R Expert All
2019 Honda CRF150R Expert All
2020 Honda CRF150R Expert All
2021 Honda CRF150R Expert All
2022 Honda CRF150R Expert All
2024 Honda CRF150R Expert All

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Part Numbers and Kit Cross-Reference

Inventory Details for Gripper Ribbed Seat Covers:

Variant DeCal Works Part Number Item Manufacturer Manufacturer Part Number Global Trade Item Number
Black Black White with Honda logo 962-2621 DeCal Works CRF15007 BLK / BLK / WHT
Black Black Red with Honda logo 962-2622 DeCal Works CRF15007 BLK / BLK / RED

This product is also available in the following DeCal Works Mix & Match Configurable Kits:

Kit Kit Part Number Kit Stock Status Kit Pricing Starts At
Mix & Match Plastic Kit With Lower Forks & Seat Cover 986


$ 221.40